BP Spotlight/Proxy

Here we shine a spotlight on the top 30 Block Producers we think have and are continuing to contribute to the EOSIO ecosphere.

This list is also our voting proxy which we encourage you to use.

Voting Proxy - theeoswriter


1. Cypherglass

Cypherglass put up a $100,000.00 hardware wallet bounty with their own personal funds to ensure that EOS tokens can be safely stored on both the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor hardware wallets. The bounty has since been won and the Ledger Nano S is now compatible with the EOS mainnet.


2. EOS Nation

EOS Nation was recently involved in the “100 Christmas Smiles” project. The plan was to put smiles on the faces of 100 destitute children in the slums of Nigeria. By the looks of the story below it was a success!



3. EOS Authority

EOS Authority started the initiative to make EOS the world's first carbon neutral Blockchain. Along with support from fellow BPs they offset the entire carbon emissions of the EOS mainnet.

We wrote an article on this achievement here.


4. Team Greymass

Team Greymass has been working on Light History Nodes which help increase availability of history nodes on the EOS network. These light nodes require a fraction of the resources that a full history node does, and within the API infrastructure, have reduced the demand on full history nodes by more than half.


5. EOS New York

EOS New York created EOS Easy Contract (EEC) to make the life of the EOS Windows Smart Contract developer a little easier. Their easy to use tutorial found here will show you how to use EOS Easy Contract to create your first smart contract on EOS.


6. EOS Cafe Block

EOS Cafe Block have created a voting portal at bloks.io/vote, where you can vote for block producers, proxies and referendums. It is the only referendum UI that clearly shows the proposals you have created and all the proposals that you have voted for. Using bloks.io/vote/referendums you can view, filter, create, expire, delete and vote on proposals.


7. Genereos

GenerEOS launched the “BE POOR NO MORE” initiative in partnership with ZKS to reward POOR token holders who stake and vote for 25+ block producers (either directly or through a proxy). There will be a reward pool with 3331 ZKS up for grabs every 24 hours to drive more voting participation on the EOS mainnet. Read below for more details:


8. CryptoLions

CryptoLions recently organised a large stress test on the Jungle 2 testnet which demonstrated a new maximum TPS of EOSIO software.


9. EOS Canada

EOS Canada have been working on and delivered the first components of dfuse Stream. Built on top of their hyperscale blockchain database dfuse DB was launched earlier this fall, giving developers access to streaming real-time updates reflecting the state of any table on the blockchain, from any starting block height, along with snapshots of those tables anywhere in time -- a first in blockchain history.


10. EOS 42

EOS42 developed and maintains the Chintai token leasing platform which provides a critical service through periods of CPU shortages and empowers token-holders to produce passive income from their EOS tokens.


11. eosDAC

eosDAC is the first and currently only Decentralized Block Producer which isn’t owned by a private entity. Recently, eosDAC launched it's Member Client tool to bring all EOSDAC token holders together to participate in the governance of the DAC. Through the Member Client tool, eosDAC token holders will be able to register themselves as members, register as custodians candidates, vote for custodians, submit worker proposals, transfer tokens and more.


12. EOS Asia

EOS ASIA recently completed work on a project named EOSX. It is a block explorer, wallet, and network monitor all in one. It is designed to be easy, quick, and clean. It has been built on data from the past, with an eye toward the future.


13. EOSphere

EOSphere recently hosted a governance panel with Chris Pollard in Melbourne, Australia. An interesting discussion on Crypto-economics & Blockchain Governance was had with special guests from the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub core team who are making a huge difference to blockchain adoption by introducing the technology to mainstream academia.


14. EOS Sweden

EOS Sweden played a major role in the large stress test on the Jungle 2 Testnet which demonstrated a new maximum TPS of EOSIO software.


15. EOS Dublin

EOS Dublin are about to launch Ignition which will have a suite of services for dAPPs to launch and scale. The first of which is Translate, a professional translation and localisation service which you can pay for in EOS or Spark tokens.


16. EOS Costa Rica

EOS Costa Rica has launched EOS Local, EOS Dapp Boilerplate and learn.eoscostarica.io to focus on getting people away from the token price and focusing on building their ideas.


17. EOS Vibes

EOS Vibes created an account generation tool which enables users to create an account as simply as possible, reducing the barriers that people may otherwise face when trying to setup an account.



MEET.ONE have been focusing on their multifunctional mobile wallet, constantly adding EOS Dapps and increasing the amount of new users in the EOS ecosystem with the MORE.ONE airdrop incentive application.


19. EOS San Francisco

EOS San Francisco are a brand new BP with old roots, the team has been working on EOS since the pre mainnet launch. They are currently working on IncubEOS, an EOS DAPP incubator in San Francisco and have just released their version of the Constitution v2.1 which you can read here.


20. Aloha EOS

Aloha EOS recently put together a presentation at the Scaling Blockchain conference in San Francisco which you can view from the button below.


21. Aurora EOS

EOS Aurora recently launched EOS Voter Podcast. A podcast to explore in-depth the most pressing issues facing the EOS ecosystem.


22. EOS Detroit

EOS Detroit recently hosted an in person workshop for teens to set up their first EOS account. This is their second workshop in the series and they are on-boarding users regularly to get them prepared to use EOS apps in the future.


23. EOS Metal

EOS Metal are working to secure the EOS communities funds with the help of bonds and licenses. Using Tungsten any individual/dApp developer/Block Producer/Arbitrator could raise a collateral. It is currently in MVP stage and they are looking for a full launch in January next year.


24. EOS Nairobi

EOS Nairobi recently organised and hosted the EOS Summit that played host to more than 50 Dapps built on EOSIO.


25. EOS Seoul

EOS Seoul created EOStat, a block explorer which shows lots of detailed EOS information, including the geography of BPs.


26. EOS Rio

EOS Rio have been focusing on technical upgrades, testing and helping the network to operate better and smoother. They recently worked on the scalable solution for the API history and participated on the recent jungle stress testing party, reaching more than 9K tps.


27. EOS Venezuela

EOS Venezuela have created The Crypto Peso or simply P$O. It’s a token on the EOS blockchain, based on the same technical characteristics of the EOS token itself, powered by EOS Venezuela Block Producer. The technological platform of the Crypto Peso offers a modern economic system at the service of Venezuelan citizens and the international EOS holders community. 


28. EOS Titan

EOS Titan created a Voter Analysis Tool which is used to determine how votes are distributed across BPs.


29. shEOS

shEOS developed and released "EOS21", an open-source protocol and the first of its kind to enable seamless cross-chain token movement from ETH to EOS. They are offering ongoing support and workshops for developers looking to employ EOS21 for their dApps.


30. Tokenika

Tokenika created EOS Projects, an open-source directory of EOS-based applications. It relies on community input. Even if you are not a programmer, you can still contribute by adding information about new projects or you can help by creating Comparison Grids.