Pixel Master

Written by Kenny

The significance and historical importance of Pixel Master on EOS.

Crypto’s boat to the general public and mass adoption is quite possibly here and waiting for us to jump onboard. The only problem is….. no one knows the direction the captain is taking us…..

What is Pixel Master?

Pixel Master (PM) is a dapp (decentralised application) which has been running on the EOS blockchain since the 23rd of September, 2018. Basically you are financially incentivised to draw pixels on a worldwide connected canvas. PM can only be created on EOS. Ethereum or any other smart contract platform would not be able to support such a dapp.

Its a never ending and forever changing canvas connecting the entire planet through art, uniting all cultures and timezones. To be blunt its the definition of genius. It’s so far ahead of its time even people within the EOS community are not realising its power and potential. Once the art world catches wind of it the outer reaches of the universe are the limit. This may not happen for a while though as for the art world to notice its importance they will first need to understand the blockchain.


The digital world has always struggled to appeal to the historical, aesthetic side of the artistic community. Theres something about 1’s and 0’s that takes the soul out of art, theres also the problem of authenticity and we all know how primed blockchain is to solve the latter of the two. PM has managed to combine these two worlds and create something which in my opinion will become the most valuable, uniting, accessible and important piece of art the world has ever seen. At a time when people are too scared to even think about speaking their mind without being crucified by some social justice warrior this canvas is the perfect antidote to our lack of artistic freedom.

To give you a taste of how powerful it is, it generated 100,000.00 EOS within just 5 days of its creation. The centre pixel (coordinates 500,500) is asking a price of 4,483 EOS or $25,620 USD to be painted over. Can you imagine the price tag of the centre pixel if it reached mass adoption?

Rules of the canvas

I don’t want to get too deep into the finer details of the dapp becasue thats not the purpose of this article. I’m trying to open your eyes to the importance of the concept as a whole and don’t want to get lost in the weeds. Below are the basic rules/details of the game to get you up to speed.


Attack of the clones.

Being popular and profitable open source code it didn’t take long for someone to cash in on the action. Only 5 days into the madness of PM a clone popped up named Pixel Fun. This clone didn’t end up being so fun after all as it wasn’t long until people realised they were putting their funds into the hands of an anonymous developer with no support or backing from the EOS community. People stopped drawing immediately and the canvas came to a grinding holt. It is now a relic frozen in time like a cocaine fuelled night of debauchery with no one in sight to clean up the mess. A piece of art in its own right as far as i’m concerned.

Mainstream Media Narrative

Another thing working in its favour is its attractive mainstream media narratives. Combining all cultures onto one canvas creates a sense of unity and inclusion which the media and world are searching for at the moment, it can also be the face of racism and everything else under the sun, as much as I don’t agree with such uses they do attract huge media attention. Theres also a sense of freedom in this artwork and it stands up for free speech at a time when it is imperative to do so (think Jordan Peterson). Then you have the price tags connected to pixels on a crypto currency. I can just read the headlines now….. 1 pixel on crypto currency game is worth more than your house”.

Chaos vs Order

One of the dynamics of the canvas which has emerged is the fight between chaos and order, which come to think of it seems to perfectly mimic the real world. As you are creating your artwork you are also working against the impending chaos all around you and eventually it will overcome your creation (this is actually quite thrilling) very similar to our universe if you think deeply enough, (think Jordan Peterson again). Yes i’m a fan of his.


I have created my version of order on the canvas above, you could join me in the cause for chaos or order, maybe depending on your mood you’ll choose either one!

Please be careful with your EOS and don’t enter more than your willing to lose. Don’t look at it as a way to make money it’s more a contribution to a global art piece with the possibility of getting your money back or even making a tidy profit.

This article is definitely not financial advice. I encourage you to do your own research before making any investment decisions. Please also remember that gaming dapps of this nature are susceptible to competition within the EOS.IO ecosphere.

If you enjoyed this article and feel I have contributed something of value please share it around! Maybe even consider donating some EOS.

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